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The Israeli army is ready and poised to go into Rafah and awaits the greenlight to proceed with the genocide. Having killed more than 34,000 Gazans, injured in excess of 77,000 and demolished 70% of the homes, Israel has also destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure which includes systematically dismantling the health care system. The war crimes and this manmade humanitarian catastrophe affects each Gazan.

The sponsors of Saturday’s march asked that we redouble our efforts to maintain pressure on the British government. It must be called to account for its complicity in violations of international law. Our demand is to stop the arms trade and for there to be an immediate ceasefire.

Saturday’s march followed a new route which started in Parliament Square and from there went to Hyde Park where there was a rally.

ICAHD marched with the Jewish bloc, starting outside the Ministry of Defence on Whitehall by the Alanbrooke statue near the Cenotaph. The march was peaceful and safe, attracting eople of all ages and backgrounds who were united in their call for an inclusive, just and peaceful world where people are treated with dignity.

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