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John speaks about ICAHD’s uniqueness with critical Israeli Jewish analysis
(1 minute 30 seconds)

View video here

Sue tells of the political edge to ICAHD’s work and the study tours
(36 seconds)

View video here

Lianne has never forgotten what she witnessed during the study tour to the West Bank
(1 minute 29 seconds)

View video here

Suzanne’s poster compares the growing number of casualties in Gaza
(44 seconds)

View video here

More than 250,000 people on the London march on 3rd Feb
(1 minute 7 seconds)

View video here

A child with a megaphone leads chanting
(58 seconds)

View video here

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ICAHD UK supporters assemble

ICAHD UK flags

Group on the march

Stephen & Robin

Streets of London

Start of the Jewish bloc

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Jewish Network for Palestine

Jewish Voice for Labour


Cambridge Jewish Group

Start of the London march

London demonstration

Representative from the press

Poster referencing the International Court of Justice

Poster about the genocide in Gaza

Poster calling for freedom for all

Banner – football against genocide

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