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Ruth with Travel2Palestine group by wall

We can be hugely proud of our important work sharing knowledge. Through our books, talks and tours the team at the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) have empowered thousands of people to go back to their communities and act as a catalyst for change. Our mission is to create thousands of advocates for a future where Palestinians and Israelis live together as equals.

Through our tours we have helped inform and engage 7,366 people between October 2012 and October 2017. That’s amazing. But unless we can invest now in training new tour guides and supporting the tours, that work will be under threat.

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As Laura Murrey who took part in an ICAHD day tour said:

One of the most educational trips I have ever been on. Our guide used a tour of Jerusalem to outline all the obstacles that Palestinians face in fulfilling their basic right to have a home which they can spend their life in. This tour opened my eyes to all the ways in which things like bureaucracy, planning legislation and local government can be used by an oppressive state to strip people of their rights. Would highly recommend

Now that important work is under threat.

Unless we can raise the funds needed to continue we will no longer be able to offer half-day and day tours to groups visiting Israel and Palestine.

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If we can gather enough funds from all our friends, supporters and members together we can safeguard this important work.

Picture of Miriam Sayad - a tour participant

Incredibly informative trip to share insight into the occupation and how it can affect every aspect of your life, including one of the most important parts: your home. The tour guide was well informed and passionate.

Miriam Sayad

What is the cost of safeguarding our tours?

To the cost of recruiting and training two new ICAHD guides is just £650. To ensure that our tours are effectively organised every month costs only £500 a month.

If all of you donated just £2 we could safeguard this work for the next three months! But please give more if you can. 

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Wherever you live please give what you can to help us reach out and empower communities all over the world.