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ICAHD have worked with Atta Jaber and his family since they suffered their first home demolition in 1998 – rebuilding two of his homes after they were destroyed by the authorities and in local arson attacks – and we wish to spread their story of peaceful resistance far and wide. In this 5 minute video you will see Atta explain his story and share disturbing home footage of attacks on his land and family by local settlers.

Atta Jaber and his family are a huge and constant inspiration for ICAHD, and we are tremendously grateful to work with such strong and dedicated people as these, who struggle to resist the occupation every day of their lives, amidst the violence of targeted demolition and harassment.

Find more on the Atta Jaber story here.

4 Responses to “Atta Jaber’s story”

  1. Gillian Ambrose

    Atta brought grapes to our bus as we were returning from the Negev in November 2015. He is a hugely kind, humble, dignified and brave person. I am so, so sorry that this has finally happened. This is brute bullying.

  2. Patrick &Deborah Darnes

    We had the privilege of visiting Atta and his family on an ICAHD tour in Nov 2010.
    Their treatment by Israel over many years is dreadful and more appalling when associated with race & religious hatred.To know that the British have complicity for this ,makes us ashamed of our nationality .
    This family will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Amelia Mills

    I met Atta Jaber and his family on an ICAHD tour in November 2016. I am humbled by his determination to keep his land and live in peace and of his lack of hate for the settlers who attack his family and destroyed his land. I have and will support him until justice is restored in Palestine.



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