This year, Israeli authorities have further deepened their settler colonial policies of land theft and ethnic cleansing often achieved through the demolition of homes and structures vital for living. Our monthly Demolition and Displacement reports along with the new maps specially prepared for ICAHD have kept our supporters updated about the statistics and the areas most at risk. In addition, Israel’s apartheid policies of discrimination have been manifested in several other ways including the criminalization of six leading Palestinian human rights organisations. In 2022 Israel is preparing to clear entire communities of Palestinians in Area C and in East Jerusalem.

Given what has happened in 2021, we must prepare for 2022

ICAHD UK will continue to provide:

  • An updated website, rich with information on our history, ICAHD analysis, and our campaigns. Literally thousands visit the ICAHD website daily. Some of the webinars and articles have been viewed over 10,000 times.
  • The webinar series that covers a range of topics with opportunities to hear from people around the world.
  • Our monthly communications – bulletins and newsletters to inform and equip campaigners.
  • The resumption of an annual conference set for 23 April in London and the extended study tours and rebuilding programmes – all covid dependant.
  • A focus on a just and sustainable solution for both Palestinians and Israelis articulated in the vision for one democratic state.
  • The benefit of working with the other ICAHD chapters within Israel, Finland, Germany, and the US.

To meet the expected challenges in 2022, we will:

  • Intensify our ongoing campaign on home demolitions by calling for their immediate end.
  • Produce a new home demolition brochure, engaging the services of a professional copywriter and designer to be more effective in reaching a wider audience currently unaware of Israel’s brutal demolition policies.
  • Continue working with our existing partners and additional others from the UK, Europe and on the ground in Palestine/Israel.
  • Build on the recent extensive exposure our work has achieved through the wall projections we commissioned in London featuring the JCB and the NSPCC campaigns. To date, these projections have been viewed by more than 26,500 people.
  • Initiate a series of podcasts focusing on crucial issues in Palestine/Israel, in conjunction with our other ICAHD chapters.
  • Participate in the new broad coalition to stop the BDS ban.
  • Publish and distribute Jeff Halper’s book Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine in Arabic.

To do this, we need your help to be proactive and broaden our reach

ICAHD UK was awarded £4000 from grant applications and a £1200 donation for the wall projections, but we still had to dip into our reserves to bring this highly effective initiative into being. Our ability to boost our campaigning effectiveness with our identified plans is therefore dependant on your response. Your generosity will enable us to remain sustainable as we reach ever higher levels of organizational strength, being proactive and broadening our reach.

Donations, membership, and the purchase of our resources will help ICAHD UK campaign to end home demolitions and to be part of the global anti-apartheid movement that will bring freedom to Palestinians so they can live in a democratic society with equality. We are about changing history – please stand with us.

Thank you.

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