Statement signed by unions and civil society organisations including ICAHD UK calls on the British Government to take action over Israel’s ethnic cleansing of neighbourhoods in occupied East Jerusalem

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Statement calls on British Government, public bodies and civil society to recognise the laws of Israel to be inherently discriminatory Comes as over 1,500 Palestinians face threat of home demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem and Israel’s attempt to evict more families from the Palestinian neighbour of Sheikh Jarrah A statement signed by 14 British unions… Read more »

ODSC Statement on Annexation – 29 April 2020

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Below is a Call from the One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC) — a Palestinian-led organization in Palestine — for the establishment of a single democratic state of equal rights for all its citizens (including Palestinian refugees and their family who choose to come home). It notes that a single state already exists de facto between… Read more »

A Statement by Jeff Halper on Demolitions in Sur Baher

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As I write this the Israeli military is demolishing 70 homes — perhaps as many as 100 in the end — in an absolutely illegal action approved by Israel’s Supreme Court. Briefly, the Apartheid Wall coursing through the West Bank and East Jerusalem does not conform to any agreed boundary; it is built wherever Israel… Read more »