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ICAHD UK Webinar

Wednesday, 21 February 2024

8 – 9.30pm (Jerusalem), 6-7.30pm (UK), 1 – 2.30pm (EST)

This webinar will focus on the importance of speaking about Palestinian mental health when Israel seeks to debilitate the whole of Palestinian society.

Trauma is not new to Palestinians who have been experiencing it for the last 75 years. However, Israel’s war on Gaza that began in October 2023 has thrust the population into a living hell due to the ongoing assault as their homes and with the whole of their vital infrastructure annihilated, leaving no safe space for any Gazans. In addition, Palestinians everywhere are being affected as their people group is on the receiving end of Israel’s barbaric genocide policies.

This webinar will feature the work of mental health organisations working within Gaza, the West Bank and with Palestinians in the diaspora.

Learn about what help is available to them and is there hope that Palestinians will ever recover from this trauma?


Speakers include:

Samah Jabr (Chair of the Mental Health Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health)
Lama Khouri (Global Palestine Mental Health Network)
David Harrold (Chair of Trustees of Gaza Trauma Centre)
Gwyn Daniels (UK Palestine Mental Health Network)
Martin Kemp (UK Palestine Mental Health Network)