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Amplifying a critical Israeli voice in the US, opposing US government support
of Israeli apartheid, supporting the One Democratic State Campaign.

July 8, 2023

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Jeff's July video update is on the Israeli strategy of normalization to consolidate and justify their settler colonial project in Palestine.  Jeff describes the four ways Israel is 'mopping up' the Palestinians.

Watch the 18 minute video HERE




"My book Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine: The Case for One Democratic State, originally published by Pluto Press in London, has now come out in Arabic, translated by Rania Filfil and Ata Qaymari. 

"While the book is based on the analysis of the Palestinian-led One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC), of which I am a member, and its detailed political program, it does not represent the organization; it couldn't. Not only is there robust debate among Palestinians over their vision of the future, but the book was written by an Israeli Jew (though an anti-colonial one). However, this perspective is important because any political solution must deal with the complex bi-ethnic reality that distinguishes Palestine today, and undoubtedly a very painful reality for those who seek Palestine's total liberation."

 "It is my hope that the analysis will contribute to the Palestinians' struggle for liberation and for the creation of an inclusive democracy that replaces Israel and its occupation, brings the refugees and their descendants home, and ultimately gives rise to a new shared society among the younger generation."


Israel lobby group B’nai Brith is now suing rabbis for standing up for Palestinian rights 
Yves Engler, Mondoweiss, July 11
Photo credit: social media

     "B’nai Brith is suing pro-Palestinian Rabbi David Mivasair and undermining the meaning of antisemitism by using it to describe any criticism of Israel, even rabbis who challenge their extremist view of who is a good Jew."



Unpacking Israel’s Legal Fictions
Alex Kane, Jewish Currents, July 14
Photo credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News

An interview with Noura Erakat, discussing the Jenin invasion and Israel’s efforts to unilaterally change the laws of war.




On Israel and Palestine, US electeds
are out of touch
with their own voters

Phyllis Bennis, The Nation, July 19
Photo credit: Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo

    "There is an enormous, and growing, chasm between so many elected officials—in Congress and the White House—and the voters back home who elect them."



Amid Jenin destruction, Palestinians mobilize with acts of solidarity
Vera Sajrawi, +972 Magazine, July 13
Photo credit: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

     “Palestinians opened their homes, donated supplies, and volunteered to clean up for families after Israel’s invasion of Jenin refugee camp.”





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