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Meeting held at SOAS, 10 Thornhaugh St, London WC1H 0XG


One country, one citizenship, one parliament and one shared civil society, in which the cultural, ethnic and religious identities of all the country’s peoples also find expression. What would such a state look like? Can de-colonizing Israel work?

Members of the One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC) presented its campaign which is based upon the original and just PLO positions, which is a similar position to the one taken by the ANC in Apartheid South Africa.

Find out why the mantra calling for a “two-state solution” in Palestine/Israel is destructive as it will only perpetuate Israel’s apartheid policies over the Palestinian people.


Speakers were:

Ghada Karmi – Palestinian-born Academic, Physician and Author

Jeff Halper – Director, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Author, Anthropologist, Activist

Haim Bresheeth – Founder, Jewish Network for Palestine, Author, Member of Convivencia Alliance and BRICUP