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Shireen Abu Akleh was shot in the head during her coverage of an Israeli raid in Jenin (AFP/Al Jazeera)

Rest in peace Shireen abu Akleh. Your short life was so important to your people's struggle, and to all of us fighting injustice, trying, like you to tell the truth.

We have always said that the best way to understand the reality on the ground in Palestine is to witness it and that is why we encourage people to visit. However, for most of the world it’s impossible to travel here. Therefore, Shireen’s role as a journalist has been vital in telling stories of the Palestinian reality of their lives under Israel’s brutal occupation and apartheid policies. She became a Palestinian national treasure and their hope as with courage and professionalism Shireen was their mouthpiece.

Needless to say, the Israeli media is focused on the potential damage the killing of a journalist might have on its "image." Its hasbara/propaganda is already in high gear, especially in the US, Britain and France. These are the members of the UN Security Council with veto powers, so the only countries Israel cares about. Nothing matters but image and the ability of Israel to defend the same violence and oppression that Shireen died exposing.

Some say that Shireen’s killing won’t change anything and that once again Israel will be able to cast blame on the Palestinians and Shireen will join the long list of other journalists killed without Israel being called to account. But with the international profile and the respect she’d won from journalists the world over, there is a chance that this time Israel will find that this murder can’t be swept under the carpet. Now is the time for all of us to also rise up and tell the story of Shireen Abu Akleh so that she is not forgotten and so justice will be done.

ICAHD sends its deep condolences to Shireen’s family, friends and colleagues. May her life not have been in vain.