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With Dr Eurig Scandrett

On the run-up to COP26, ICAHD turns its attention to supporting the call for Climate Justice not Ethnic Cleansing.

Israel’s settler colonial policy forcibly displaces the Palestinian indigenous population to then move in a Jewish population from other countries and for 120 years, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has been the Zionist agency that plays a key role in this ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Israel has developed an extensive network of illegal settlements across Palestine, superimposing western communities and their complex infrastructure and industries, on the ancient landscape. This has devastated the natural environment and the communities of the indigenous people, destroying their sources of livelihood, which have evolved over millennia in tune with the natural environment, by uprooting over a million olive and fruit trees and destroying ancient terraces. In addition to Israeli authorities demolishing Palestinian homes, it also destroys water cisterns, irrigation systems and solar panels.

Palestinians residing in both the Occupied Palestine Territory and within the state of Israel are denied control over their land, water, and energy sources and many know first-hand what climate crisis means. However, the JNF now seeks to greenwash its crimes as a participant in the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

During this webinar, we learned about climate apartheid in Palestine and the reason for the call to keep the JNF out of COP26. Discover how you can play a part to support the Palestine bloc at COP26.


Visit the Stop the JNF website at

Sign the petition to keep the JNF out of COP26 here:

ICAHD UK will be present at the demonstrations on 6th November. To march with us in Glasgow, please give your name to Sharen Green ( and for London, please submit your name to Malcolm Wright ( You will then be contacted regarding the place to meet. Demonstrations will also be held in other cities and those locations are listed at . Click on the ‘Global Day of Action’ link.


Dr Eurig Scandrett is a lecturer in Sociology and coordinator of postgraduate programmes in Social Justice at Queen Margaret University, Scotland. He is the former head of community action at Friends of the Earth, Scotland, Chair of Scottish PSC, and he is on the steering committee of Stop the JNF.