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ICAHD UK Webinar - Wednesday, 6th January, 5-6.15pm (UK time)


Atta Jaber and Hisham Sharabati spoke about the extraordinary challenges face by Palestinian farmers who live in the Hebron district where land confiscation and destruction of structures essential for living are a common occurrence.

In a year when the deadly coronavirus has swept through the Occupied Palestine Territory, Israeli authorities have intensified their cruel measures in violation of international law that have heaped yet more suffering upon the Palestinian people. In addition, extreme religious Israeli settlers persist with their violent campaign that targets Palestinian farmers who reside in fertile agricultural areas in the Hebron district as they seek to establish new suburbs of the of Kiryat Arba settlement.

Atta Jaber and his family have experienced two home demolitions, have had most of their farmland confiscated and their crops, cisterns and irrigation systems have been destroyed many times. The family has experienced several forms of settler violence. Atta has given testimony at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and has been the subject of articles and documentaries.

Hisham Sharabati is a Palestinian Human Rights defender based in Hebron. He is the co-founder and coordinator of the Hebron Defense Committee, a nonviolent resistance group that opposes Israel’s colonial agenda in historic Palestine and its military occupation of Hebron. Hisham studied Journalism and has worked for local and international media outlets. Currently he is also a field worker for Al-Haq, a Palestinian Human Rights organization.

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