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We are asking the NPSCC to live up to its values by dropping JCB as a donor, taking a moral lead which can persuade JCB that servicing Israel’s home demolition policy is wrong.

What are the NSPCC’s Values?

All of the following  are quotations,  taken directly from the NSPCC website page “Living our Values” where CEO Pater Wanless spells out the NSPCC’s core values:

  • Values only matter if they are put into action
  • We take a stand for what’s right for children…. like speaking out when something is wrong or influencing people to make a change.
  • Our values define the kind of organisation we want to be.
  • Our behaviour brings our values to life, and that is why our behavioural framework is so important.
  • We put children first in everything we do. For more than 130 years we’ve put children first.
  • We believe in children, we want what’s best for them, and we make sure we fight for every childhood
  • We are courageous in standing up for what is right
  • We campaign, change laws when necessary, lead public debate and we’re on the frontline, supporting those who work with children.
  • We will speak out when something is wrong and celebrate success with those who help things improve.
  • We seek to achieve cultural, social and political change – influencing legislation, policy, practice, attitudes and behaviours and delivering services for the benefit of children and young people.
  • Every Childhood is Worth Fighting For.