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A Public Meeting at the Wesley Hotel and Conference Centre, Euston St, London - Wednesday 29 January 2020 at 7.00pm

Sponsored jointly by ICAHD UK and Jewish Voice for Labour

Palestine/Israel remains on our minds no matter what else happens in the world. Not only does it represent a conflict that for decades has destabilized the entire Middle East and the wider international system, not only does it continue to claim countless victims, but it touches our individual and collective lives as Jews and as progressives. It is far from just another “foreign affair”; it makes us complicit, no matter what position we take.

Palestine/Israel is also an issue, a conflict, a source of oppression and division, one that has eluded efforts at resolution for decades – indeed, for more than a century. What should we do about it? Not only in terms of reaching a resolution, albeit that is a crucial political goal, but in terms of how it has affected, even poisoned, our global political discourse, as evidenced in the last election.

Jeff Halper is a well-known Israeli academic, activist, and strategist. In his writings and public presentations, he attempts to “connect the dots” among political issues from Palestine/Israel to the global. After a brief presentation of the present situation in Palestine/Israel, Jeff will lead a wide-ranging discussion reflecting the extensive areas of concerns and opinions that this “conflict” raises. Together we will try to clear the air, go beyond slogans, bring clarity to our strategic thinking and deal with the many political concerns raised by the Palestine/Israel issue.

£5 or £3 for students and unwaged. Tickets available here.

Resource table available for ICAHD UK and Jewish Voice for Labour.

Donations taken for sponsoring Jeff Halper’s visit