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ICAHD UK would like to pay tribute, alongside many other individuals and organisations, to Walter Wolfgang who died on 29th May, aged 95. A life-long socialist and anti-war campaigner, Walter was also a member of ICAHD UK, and a great supporter.

His family was persecuted under the Nazis so in 1937, when just 13 years old, Walter fled Germany and came to live in Britain. His parents arrived two years later. However, that first-hand experience of racism, fascism and war moulded his outlook on life.

A synagogue attender, Walter’s beliefs were grounded in Judaism and Jewish ethical values of human equality therefore he was highly critical of Israeli government policy and its treatment of Palestinians. He was outspoken on the false accusations of anti-Semitism thrown at people within the Labour party. Walter was never afraid to speak truth to power and with every ounce of his being lived each day doing what he could to stand up for what he believed in, no matter what this meant in terms of personal sacrifice for an easy life.

Walter Wolfgang was an example to us all and we were proud to have him as one of our members. May his life inspire us as we continue our campaign for the end of the demolitions of Palestinian homes, the displacement of the Palestinian people and as we call for a just and sustainable solution for all people in Palestine/Israel.