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All photos by Steve Best @SteveBest


A line up of top comedians, headlined by Scottish star comic Frankie Boyle and titled Laughing For Palestine, reaped a fantastic success at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show, presented by ICAHD UK director comedian Daphna Baram, was sold out weeks before the fringe even started. Other comedians participating were Jen Brister, Gary Sansome and Craig Campbell. We can’t thank them enough for their generosity as well as for their hilarious brilliance.

Frankie Boyle

Jen Brister

ICAHD UK is most grateful to Alex Petty of the Laughing Horse Free Festival and Brian Dobie, manager of the Counting House and his team for the permission to use the room and the incredible help in carrying out this somewhat complicated operation.

The event raised £2500 – which would pay for 2500 mud bricks out of the 10,000 eco-friendly bricks needed for the construction of the Jordan Valley community Centre. Nearly 8000 bricks-worth were raised in the Buy-A-Brick campaign by now.

ICAHD UK is in urgent need of additional £2000 pounds to complete the fundraising goal. Please buy a few more bricks today! Strengthening the hold of the Bedouin communities of the Jordan Valley in villages by acts of solidarity and the creation of community facilities are vital tools in helping them fend off the attempts of the Israeli government to push them off the land. Bricks can be bought here

ICAHD’s Build, Harvest and Learn Camp will take place in the last ten days of October. Official applications are over and more than 20 participants signed up, but we will consider last moment applications made by 15 September 2018. Apply here.

If you’d like to organise a fundraising evening where you live based in a talk or in comedy or both – contact us!

Craig Campbell

Gary Sansome

Daphna Baram