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Amnesty International reported on 27 April that since protests in Gaza began on 30 March he Israeli military has killed 35 Palestinians. Over 5,500 people have been injured with more than 1,700 of injuries caused by live ammunition. The shameless shooting at protesters, who pose no danger to the soldiers, including many children and many demonstraters who were documented being shot at the back while moving away from the wall, continues.

Gone are the days when Israel used to deny such blatant disregard to human rights and violations of the international law. As in many fields of its agressive activity, Israel no longer denies. It justifies its deeds with pride, and even glee. “Had he gone to school like a normal boy he wouldn’t have this problem,” said Israeli Minister of Defence Avigdor Lieberman about the child Mouhammad Ayub who was shot to death during a demonstration in Gaza on Friday 20 April.

According to OCHA, The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Doctors at Shifa hospital in Gaza report treating wounds not witnessed since the 2014 escalation of hostilities, some of which may cause a lifetime disability. Read the full OCHA report here.

The human rights organizations Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel  – and Al Mezan  – Center for Human Rights –  appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court yesterday 23 April 2018, demanding that it order the Israeli military to stop using snipers and live ammunition in order to disperse Palestinian protests in the Gaza Strip. According to Adalah 94 percent of casualties were shot in head, neck, face, and chest.

Two journalists were cso far killed in this round of protests on the Gaza Wall, by Israeli military snipers. +972 Magazine reports that photojournalists claim to be specifically targeter.

In the UK a parliamentary petition calls on the house to express its grave concerns by recent developments on the Israel-Gaza border and the killing and injuring of Palestinian protestors, affirm the right to peaceful protest and the right to freedom of expression; and state that it “deplores the actions of those who seek to exploit peaceful protests to engage in violence; notes that Israel’s effective control of access into and out of the territory means Gaza remains under occupation, that the health system is on the verge of collapse and that the recent influx of casualties has put the health system under even more pressure; supports the calls by UN Secretary General, António Guterres, and EU Foreign Affairs representative Federica Mogherini for an independent and transparent investigation into the killing and injuring of Palestinians in Gaza during the protests; and urges the Government to call for and support an independent investigation, and, where breaches of international law and international humanitarian law are identified for those responsible to be held to account.”

Write to your MP today and urge them to join the motion.