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ICAHD UK continues the work of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), which was registered in Jerusalem from 1997 to 2016 and now operates as a grassroots group. ICAHD UK is a membership organisation that is open to all concerned with respect of human rights and international law. It provides a platform for critical Israeli Jews who oppose their government’s occupation of the Palestine Territory, and all forms of discrimination.

ICAHD UK works for a just and sustainable future for both peoples in Israel/Palestine based on respect for human rights and international law. Its main focus for mobilization is the issue of the demolition of Palestinian homes and structures necessary for their livelihood, and the displacement of the Palestinian people on both sides of the Green Line.


  • educates the British public about the realities on the ground in Israel/Palestine;
  • lobbies the British parliament;
  • raises funds to support the rebuilding of Palestinian homes and structures as acts of political non-violent resistance to Israel’s demolition policies

The ICAHD UK Director oversees the work of ICAHD UK and is the main face of the organisation.

In this role the Director:

  • Reports to the executive committee and attends their meetings (drafts the agenda; prepares written reports for all exec meetings)
  • Identifies the strategy for ICAHD UK campaigns
  • Works with the Treasurer and Administrator to prepare the annual budget
  • Manages Administrator, volunteers and others with roles within ICAHD UK
  • Grows ICAHD UK membership
  • Helps equip membership for campaigning by providing an annual day conference
  • Engages in lobbying MPs and builds relationship with them
  • Assists our members in lobbying their MPs
  • Arranges briefing meetings with parliamentarians and the FCO for our partners from Israel and the OPT when visiting the UK
  • Nurtures relationships with key people of influence, including with academics and the Jewish community (explores ways to involve them in ICAHD UK)
  • Encourages funding of ICAHD UK
  • Speaks at events on behalf of ICAHD UK
  • Engages in media opportunities
  • Networks with other NGOs working on the Israel/Palestine issue
  • Participates in coalitions and partners for joint events
  • Main liaison with ICAHD grassroots and ICAHD international chapters
  • Develops links with Israeli and Palestinian partners, and other human rights organisations
  • Oversees arrangements for and management of our Israeli or Palestinian partners’ schedule when on speaking tours in the UK
  • Oversees the ICAHD UK monthly newsletters and urgent action bulletins
  • Approves public communication for the organisation, including website, social media,and printed materials
  • Signs off all ICAHD UK resources
  • Attends the annual rebuilding summer camp in Palestine/Israel (Takes leadership role in the camp)
  • Oversees ICAHD UK’s involvement in the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine (ECCP)
  • Identifies and liaises with Patrons for ICAHD UK


£900 per month. Half-time.
This is a work from home role within the London travel to work area.

The director is to be self-employed with existing clients or business and responsible for own tax and national insurance contributions.

Office and travel expenses will be covered.

Responsible to: Executive Committee