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Second full day of the ICAHD rebuilding camp. Went to OCHA, the UN coordinating center for humanitarian affairs, for a briefing on the Occupation – restrictions on movement, the situation in Gaza and the effect of the Israeli blockade, the economic closure and controls on movement in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and in general the lay of the land.

After lunch we returned to the worksite. Did a LOT of work today! Laid the supports and blocks for the roofing – tomorrow we pour the concrete – and collected stones for the fencing that will surround the house. In the evening we had a talk by the journalist Jonathan Cook on the status of Palestinian citizens of Israel as they cope with all the limitations and discrimination inherent in living in a “Jewish democracy.”

The spirit in the camp is good. Tomorrow we’re off for a tour of Jerusalem and the West Bank with Jeff. Keep posted! (and remember, you can support our efforts by pressing the Paypal button on the ICAHD website.

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