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Who can? I can, you can; I, you and ICAHD UK can!

In recent years, Greenbelt Festival, a place for people to cut their teeth on Christianity with an edge, has incorporated a major emphasis on the Palestinian struggle for justice against Israel’s continued occupation of their historic land, and its punitive and illegal policies against the occupied people and the Arabs living in Israel. Linda Ramsden, ICAHD UK Director, has liaised energetically with the Greenbelt Festival planners for this and previous years to deliver people and activities to attract and educate festival-goers, with the hope that they will take their message of action back to their churches and communities, to swell the growing outcry against the impunity of Israel’s provocative and negligent abuse of Palestinian human rights.

This year speakers included Mark Braverman and Sami Awad. All talks at Greenbelt are recorded and can be ordered on their website (as downloads or discs): click here for link.

ICAHD has always been represented at Greenbelt by a ICAHD UK stall at Greenbeltstall manned by volunteers. In previous years we have combined with others like Friends of Sabeel UK under the “umbrella” of Rediscovering Palestine. This year ICAHD UK ran its own stall, a swansong job for our departing Administrator Karen Chalke – who last year at Greenbelt performed her own production with Penny Stone, Still Life: Tales from the West Bank, a multimedia production based round their own storytelling songs. DVDs of the production are available via their website link above.

Thanks to some wonderfully energetic and “evangelical” volunteers helping Karen, the stall attracted much interest and 20 people signed up to become paid up members of ICAHD UK. The ICAHD UK family welcomes them to the fold and hopes that their flame of activist energy will be fanned by ICAHD news and events in the months to come.