Posted on November 18, 2009, by & filed under News, UK Specific.

This week’s Channel 4 programme Dispatches, entitled Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby examines how the lobby in this country “bankrolls our politicians” to bring direct influence on the policies towards Israel by both the Labour and Conservative parties.

Political commentator Peter Oborne examines the rise of influence of the lobby in the Blair years, with Blair’s appointment of Lord Levy as his Middle East envoy. He quotes David Cameron in his speech to a Conservative Friends of Israel lunch six months after the war on Gaza at the start of the year; Cameron says “Israel strives to protect innocent life” to a room full of many Tory party donors, while he fails to mention the recent Gaza conflict.

The programme also examines the unwillingness of editors in the BBC and other media organisations to carry journalism critical of Israeli policy, because of the aggressive tactics of the lobby’s highly organised media watchers.

A repeat of the programme will be broadcast at 3pm on Friday 19th November, or you can watch it now online on 4oD.

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