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We are pleased to announce that after spending Tuesday night, 26th August, in Shikme Prison, Prof Jeff Halper, Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), was released this afternoon following his appearance in an Ashkelon court.

Jeff will be holding a press conference at 4 pm on Thursday, 28th August, at the American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem, to discuss his participation in the Free Gaza Movement. He will provide an explanation of the significance of the action, what happened during his visit to Gaza and why Israelis donit iget iti. Following the press conference, a summary of his statements will be posted on our website,

To read a report on his release today go to an article on

Thursdayis press conference is being timed to allow the media representatives to also attend the departure of the boats from Gaza. See this website’s front page news item Palestinians have a right to their own water

Jeff Halper in court