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“At first sight, Al-Nu’eman seems a peaceful village: 22 homes, surrounded by fruit trees and olive orchards, on a beautiful hill between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Within a few years, however, very little of this may be left. Unless people take action, this village will most likely disappear. Israeli courts may rule yet again that the residents of Al-Nu’eman have no right to their lands and their homes, that they are trespassers in their own village, and a threat to Israeli security. The siege around Al-Nu’eman from all sides is tightening, and it seems that soon its inhabitants will be rendered refugees. If we cannot stop this silent deportation, we can at least speak out, make this case known, and share with you, in sharp detail, how the larger picture of occupation is personally felt by the residents of this village.”

This quote comes from the website A short filmclip about the village can be viewed here

Plans are in place by Israeli authorities for another settler road on Al-Nu’eman’s agricultural land, for land acquisition for the new Jerusalem ringroad, and for the expansion of the Har Homa settlement into the village area, even to where they have their homes.

There is a court hearing to save the village’s continued existence on October 1st. Please visit this page on the village’s website to find out who you can write to, and a sample letter to work from, to bring pressure to bear on Israel to step back from engineering yet another human tragedy.