Posted on June 25, 2007, by & filed under Bedouin, News.

On Monday, 25th June, the Israeli Government demolished 25 homes of Bedouins in the Negev, leaving over 150 men women and children homeless in the scorching desert.

The government of Israel moved the family of Abu el Qian Home in Attir-Im el Hiran bulldozeredaway from their ancestral lands in 1956, and placed them where they are now n in the village of Im el Hiran. Now the government wants to relocate them again n so that in the place of their village the government can build a Jewish village. But the people are not moving fast enough for the government authorities. Two years ago they received demolition orders. Last night the authorities were at their home, enjoying true Bedouin hospitality n a lamb was slaughtered, with the understanding that this morning the people will be willing to sign a compensation agreement and move. Instead of an agreement, instead of compensation, they received bulldozers and demolitions. The government does not supply alternative accommodations, they have nowhere to go, so now hundreds are homeless in the Israeli desert.