Our ICAHD chapters lend support to ICAHD’s mission and vision around the world.

ICAHD Finland

ICAHD Finland is a politically independent and unaligned organisation founded in Finland in September 2009. The main objective of our organization is to spread out information about Finland’s connections in Israel/Palestine, and to help inform others on the current situation and the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict. The organization publishes material produced by its members, translates foreign-language material to Finnish, organizes informative events, and runs campaigns about the importance of international law and its relevancy to the Israeli occupation. In addition, ICAHD Finland maintains active, daily relations to Israel and the Occupied Territories, and brings Palestinian and Israeli dignitaries to Finland. Contact ICAHD Finland

ICAHD Norway

ICAHD Norway was launched in late 2007 to support and promote the work of ICAHD in Norway.

Our mission is to promote the case for a just and sustainable peace in Israel-Palestine by working to disseminate ICAHD’s analysis and information material to the Norwegian media and the general public by:

  • Arranging public meetings, seminars, conferences letures and workshops
  • Translating and distributing ICAHD’s information material and analysis tailored to a Norwegian audience
  • Organizing exhibitions portraying the realities of the occupation and the facts on the ground
  • Lobbying politicians on all levels of influence to work for an actual and sustainable peace between Israel and Palestine
  • Coordinating speaking tours and lectures for ICAHD’s representatives to Norway
  • Educating and empowering people’s active involvement in ICAHD by sending participants from Norway to ICAHD summer camps and facilitating Norwegian participation on educational tours to Israel/Palestine
  • Raising money to support ICAHD’s work

ICAHD Norway is active in the BDS campaign as supported by ICAHD. Furthermore we work in cooperation with other organizations participating on conferences, events, campaigns, demonstrations and other activities promoting ICAHD`s work.

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ICAHD-USA was incorporated as an independent non-profit in 2004, and founded by a diverse group of U.S. activists working to bring about a just and sustainable peace in Israel/Palestine while advocating for an end to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. ICAHD-USA is committed to advancing a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on coexistence and respect for the human rights of both peoples. We believe that the needs for self-determination of both Israelis and Palestinians must be addressed and that a political solution must provide all peoples of the region with security, dignity, freedom and economic opportunity. We affirm that a lasting peace is only possible by ending Israel’s Occupation and control of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. We oppose all forms of violence.ICAHD-USA’s Educational Activities include

  • Presenting plenaries and conducting workshops at conferences
  • Organizing speaker tours
  • Disseminating information and mobilizing public opinion
  • Making presentations at synagogues, churches, mosques, universities, and festivals
  • Organizing public events and forums
  • Publishing op-ed pieces and letters to the editor
  • Co-sponsoring events with other Middle East peace groups
  • Networking with peace and human rights organizations to provide current, relevant educational information


ICAHD Germany

ICAHD Germany was founded in June 2013 as the German section of ICAHD, the Israeli Organization. Because of Germany’s past, very little information is published that is critical of Israel’s policy  and its Human Rights violations in the Occupied Territories. Thus the  main objectives of our organization are:

  • spreading of information in Germany about what is happening in Palestine, in particular about house demolitions, displacements and the destruction of the infrastructure of Palestinians
  • Lobbying German governmental and political institutions with respect to the question of the Palestinians
  • translating analyses of the political situation in Palestine published by ICAHD
  • promoting the tours in Palestine offered by ICAHD
  • promoting participation in the re-building camps carried out by ICAHD
  • encouraging people to donate to ICAHD
  • organizing tours for ICAHD speakers to inform the German public

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ICAHD Australia

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