Take Action – Join ICAHD UK – Hold a House Building Party! 

Have you ever thought that the situation is too complicated, hopeless or otherwise impossible to become involved in? THINK AGAIN! There are a considerable number of things you can do, and as ICAHD UK grows, we will be able to help you do more and more. Remember: “many snowflakes make an avalanche”, so any contribution you can make, however small, makes a difference

What you can do… How we can help you with this…

  • Become a member of ICAHD UK
  • Our organisation is dependent on its members.
  • With their subscription, they give us the regular income we need to plan our work effectively
  • They are the life-blood of our advocacy work and campaigning
  • You will receive a regular newsletter, email bulletins on events, campaigns and the current situation in Israel/Palestine
  • You will have well as have an important say in the work we do
    (PDF document)
  • Learn more about house demolitions and issues relating to the situation in Israel/Palestine in general
  • click here for some background information on ICAHD’s resistance to house demolitions, including some statistics on demolitions, housing policy, and construction
  • join our mailing list to keep in touch with news of house demolitions and ICAHD’s rebuilding work (if you subscribe to this list already and want to amend your subscription, click this link too)
  • visit the region (if you contact us about this, we will pass your details on)
  • read articles about current activities that ICAHD and ICAHD UK are engaged in
  • come to our events
  • purchase Jeff Halper’s book “Obstacles to Peace”, which re-frames the Israel-Palestine conflict, @ £15 incl postage
  • Publicise the work of ICAHD, ICAHD UK and ICAHD USA
  • pass on details of this website and ICAHD’s site and analysis to others
  • request copies of our leaflet to distribute to friends and colleagues
  • encourage people to come to events
  • Give to us financially
  • find out how to make a donation and/or buy resources from us
  • our house parties will also help you to inform your friends and raise funds to support the work of ICAHD
  • Go to Jerusalem and work with ICAHD directly
  • ICAHD organise summer work camps for rebuilding demolished homes. People taking part have described it as an unforgettable experience of a project shared with Palestinians, Israelis and other internationals, that can be a “life highlight”.
  • Participate in ICAHD tours
  • ICAHD offers a half day tour of East Jerusalem seeing Israel’s Matrix of Control, with its system of settlement building, Israeli-only road system, separation Wall, land confiscation, uprooting of trees and house demolitions. Contact info@icahd.org at ICAHD for more information.
  • ICAHD also helps to run study tours allowing internationals to see the situation on the ground and meet with people from both sides of the divide who work for a just peace. To learn more contact Tours at ICAHD