Jeff Halper Reports on the Israeli Elections

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The most surprising thing about the Israeli elections is the surprise and “disappointment” expressed by liberal Zionists, in Israel and abroad. “How could this happen?” Shock at “the most right-wing government in Israel’s history.” As if anything has really changed except that Israelis no longer feel the need to dress up their settler regime in… Read more »

Jeff Halper’s US Speaking Tour 2022

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Following the corona hiatus in the work and lives of many of us, Jeff Halper has returned to the “campaign trail.” After a three-week tour of the UK in September, he departed in October for a month-long tour beginning in Italy (Turin and Milan) and continuing in the US. At this stage of the struggle… Read more »

Watch Recording of ICAHD UK Webinar – Andrew Feinstein in Conversation with Jeff Halper: Exploring the Palestinian Issue Part 2 (23 Nov 2022)

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South African academic, writer and former member of the South African Parliament Andrew Feinstein continued his discussion with ICAHD Director Jeff Halper begun during the ICAHD UK webinar of 22 June. Andrew and Jeff delved more deeply into the parallels and differences between the current, politically deteriorating situation in Palestine/Israel and pre-liberation South African apartheid… Read more »

Jeff Halper US Speaking Tour

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Through the month of October, Jeff Halper will be on a multi-city tour of the United States, discussing and promoting the One Democratic State Campaign. Jeff is an engaging speaker offering a great depth of understanding, experience, and hope. We hope that you will plan to attend if he is speaking in a town near… Read more »

Jeff Halper’s 2022 UK visit

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Part of the team that was on the ICAHD UK stall at the Greenbelt festival in August. Jeff Halper, ICAHD’s Director, spent nearly three weeks in the UK on his first tour back here since the coronavirus pandemic stopped international travel and large gatherings. His programme facilitated the opportunity for Jeff to speak to many… Read more »

The “Arab Factor” in Bringing Down the Israeli Government – Jeff Halper (23 June 2022)

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Israel is in the midst of a political stalemate. Bennett’s center-right government has resigned and new elections will be held in late October/early November. It doesn’t really matter who wins, certainly in terms of the Palestinian citizens of Israel and the colonized Palestinians of the Occupied Territory. They, like the Left (meaning the Zionist Left,… Read more »

Watch Recording of ICAHD UK Webinar – Exploring the Palestine Issue with Andrew Feinstein in Conversation with Jeff Halper – (Wednesday 22 June 2022)

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South African academic, writer and former member of the South African Parliament Andrew Feinstein in conversation with ICAHD’s Jeff Halper as they discussed topics such as South African apartheid, parallels with Israel including the Nation State Law, turning points in the South African liberation movement towards breaking the stranglehold; the arms trade as a major… Read more »

‘Israel’s deepening regime of Apartheid’ – Lambeth and Wandsworth PSC webinar featuring Jeff Halper and Linda Ramsden

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Jeff Halper will analyse the political implications of Israel’s end-game of taking over all Palestine and marginalising the Palestinians – and what we can do about it. In describing Israel’s deepening apartheid regime, he will touch on such issues as the ongoing demolition of Palestinian homes, settler violence, Israel’s criminalisation of the six Palestinian human… Read more »

New Opportunities for Progressives in an Evolving Middle East? – By Jeff Halper

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The American withdrawal from military intervention in Afghanistan continues a broader American as well as European disengagement from the Middle East. Greater US energy independence and a shift on the part of Europe to Russian oil, fatigue among Americans over their “endless wars” in the region, and a perceived need to “pivot” to the challenge… Read more »

The Zionist assault on Judaism – Jeff Halper

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An Israeli soldier keeps guard near a Palestinian woman standing next to Star of David graffiti sprayed by Israeli settlers at an Army checkpoint in the center of Hebron. May 18, 2009 (Photo: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images) Zionism has not yet murdered Judaism but it has undermined its moral and historical integrity. By intentionally fanning antisemitism,… Read more »