This map depicts the end result (so far) of 70 years of conquest, displacement, occupation and annexation. The five elements of the Matrix of Control depicted in the previous maps clearly show how a Bantustan is being created, composed of four enclaves occupying about 15% of historic Palestine, with no international borders, no territorial contiguity or internal freedom of movement, little economic viability, limited access to Jerusalem, no control of its water supplies and no control of its airspace. The Bantustan would arise on about 40% of the West Bank, although cosmetic changes – adding the Jordan Valley and the Judean Desert to the east, for example, -- could flesh out the mini-state without endangering the settlement blocs, “greater” Jerusalem or overall Israeli control. Altogether, the Palestinians, who will soon be the majority in the country, will be confined to 10% of the land. It appears that Israel has succeeded in its long-term goal of rendering its Occupation permanent – if only because the international will to force Israel to abandon such a massive enterprise is lacking. If that is the case, the international community is confronted with two stark choices: either to accept and condone a new apartheid situation, or to work towards a single democratic state in the entire country. By its own hand, by rendering its Occupation irreversible, by preventing the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, Israel has paved the way to such an eventuality.

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