Dear Members and friends of ICAHD UK,

ICAHD UK seeks to help achieve a just and sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
The Treasurer will ideally be elected in due course as a member of the management committee and so will share responsibility for guiding the strategic direction and priorities of ICAHD UK.
The Treasurer will report on the financial situation at meetings of the management committee.

In addition, the Treasurer will work with the Director to:

  • develop an annual budget and monitor the progress of that budget;
  • advise on financial priorities and risks;
  • pay all invoices and ensure that any cheques are paid in;
  • ensure that accounts are ready to be certified by the auditor so that they can be sent to the Companies House; and
  • help to ensure that new and existing legislation relating to finances is complied with.

The work is very largely done on-line, but the practice has been to have an annual meeting with the Director, bookkeeper and administrator to discuss the forecast outturn for the year and the budget for the forthcoming year.
The Treasurer does not need to be a qualified accountant, or to have any formal qualifications in relation to keeping accounts. However previous experience either as a charity trustee or as treasurer of a voluntary group would be useful.

The role of Treasurer is voluntary and unpaid, but expenses will be reimbursed on request.

The outgoing treasurer and the bookkeeper will be pleased to provide handover assistance and advice.

Please contact Daphna Baram urgently if you are interested in the treasurer role, or would like to recommend someone.