ACT to oppose dilution of new guidelines against EU money for Israeli activities in occupied Territories

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The EU announced guidelines to take effect on 1 January 2014 that forbid any EU grants being awarded to Israeli projects in occupied Palestinian territory and prevent loans or prizes being given to Israeli entities with operations in the West Bank, Golan Heights or East Jerusalem. However Israel and the US insist that the guidelines… Read more »

Palestinian envoy blasts Israel claim in West Bank as IDF manhandle aid workers and diplomats

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While the news of recent Palestinian-Israel negotiators’ meetings seem long gone and almost erased by the focus on their neighbours Syria and Egypt in recent weeks,Israel has been continuing apace in illegal demolitions in the Jordan Valley and in the Negev. See ICAHD UK Facebook, with its several entries in recent days. And in other… Read more »

Greenbelt Attracts New Members

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In recent years, Greenbelt Festival, a place for people to cut their teeth on Christianity with an edge, has incorporated a major emphasis on the Palestinian struggle for justice against Israel’s continued occupation of their historic land, and its punitive and illegal policies against the occupied people and the Arabs living in Israel. Linda Ramsden,… Read more »

While Beit Arabiya is rebuilt, nearby Bedouin homes within East Jerusalem are destroyed

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On 19 August 2013, the Ministry of the Interior demolished all six residential structures of Tal eAdasa, a Bedouin community that numbers dozens, including many children. The community, part of the al-Kaiabneh tribe, lives within Jerusalemis municipal boundaries, close to the Palestinian town of Beit Hanina. In addition to the demolition, inspectors informed community members… Read more »

Another attack on the Jaber family by Israeli settlers

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ICAHD is launching a campaign to help protect the Atta Jaber family following a series of threats and attacks that began on 6 June. Since that date either the Israeli civil administration or aggressive settlers from the Kiryat Arba settlement near Hebron have invaded their property in al-Baqaa on an almost weekly basis. The latest… Read more »

An enlightening book on Gaza to read and pass on

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The Irish travel writer Dervla Murphy, in A Month by the Sea: Encounters in Gaza, (Erland Press 2013), has given us a book which, I am sure, will be of interest not only to ICAHD members. It is a torch to put into the hands of sceptical friends and colleagues… like Palestinian Walks, or I… Read more »


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IS THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION DEAD?   Jeff Halper     The Palestinians should first make peace with Israel and then get their state.                 — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN, Sept. 23, 2011     Let’s say it clearly and categorically: the two-state solution is dead. If the possibility ever genuinely existed –… Read more »

NGOs Call on UN HRC to Protect Palestinians from Forced Displacement

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Today, a coalition of Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations, including ICAHD and ICAHD UK (the latter represented by Linda Ramsden) called on the UN Human Rights Council to protect Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory from forced displacement. As the Council, member states, and civil society discuss the human… Read more »

Belfast – ICAHD represented at Stormont and at Amnesty meeting in Falls Road

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The issue of house demolitions and displacement was included in an event on 25 February at Stormont, home of Northern Irelandis General Assembly. Entitled eHow can Northern Ireland respond to Israelis illegal settlement policiesi, it was organised by the Palestine Society at Queenis University, Belfast. The aim of the day was to provide information in… Read more »