Jeff Halper Responds to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Decision to Investigate Potential War Crimes in the OPT

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The regime of international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights is marvelous, comprehensive and well thought-out. The product of decades of conferences, negotiations, interactions between states and civil society, it has defined rights you didn’t even know you have. (Do you know it is a human right to live in a healthy, safe, aesthetic environment?)… Read more »

International Conscientious Objector’s Day 2016

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Muntaha Saad with members of the family

To celebrate International Conscientious Objectors Day this year, one of our members reflects on their experience during a recent study tour meeting a family who refuse to be drafted into the Israeli army.. Maghar is a town of some 20,000 inhabitants: Muslim, Christian and Druze. We were here to visit the Druze family of Zaher Al-deen… Read more »

Will I ever be able to live like a human being?

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Jordan Valley bedouin farmers tell their story

– Reflections from a recent ICAHD study tour trip to the Jordan Valley – Bedouin villages in the Jordan Valley are barely clinging to life in the wake of frequent demolitions and water deprivation. Arriving at the tented community of Khirbet al-Makhul, we were invited into the home of a Bedouin herding family. Although we had… Read more »

A British Volunteer with Project Hope Tells the Story of a Recent Punitive Demolition in Nablus

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On 12th November, the family home of Ragheb ‘Oleiwy was demolished in Nablus, in one of the first demolitions using explosives rather than the more time and cost-intensive use of bulldozers. Ragheb, an engineer, was accused of killing two settlers on the road from Beit Forik near Nablus at the start of October 2015. He… Read more »

DAHMASH: No place like home

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Jean Riesman, an American ICAHD rebuilding camp participant, provides more insight into the demolitions in Dahmash, a ‘unrecognized’ community within the state of Israel where every home is slated for demolition. DAHMASH: NO PLACE LIKE HOME Debris from the houses demolished in April in the Palestinian-Israeli community of Dahmash still sat next to the newly,… Read more »

Press Release on demolitions – Aug 2015

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ICAHD calls on the international community to enforce the end of all demolitions Jerusalem, August 19th, 2015 The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) deplores the continued demolitions and displacements occurring in East Jerusalem, the E1 area near Ma’ale Adumim and in the Jordan Valley. At 3:30am this morning the Israeli army, police and border police together… Read more »

IDF move against villages in forefront of non-violent resistance

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In a move the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz called seriously anti-democratic”, the Israeli Army just declared the villages of Bil’in and Na’alin closed military zones from 8am-8pm on Fridays for the next six months. For five years, Friday protests with Palestinian, Israeli and international activists have made these towns centers of unarmed resistance to occupation. Now… Read more »