The building so far…

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More than half way through the building camp and we are slightly ahead of schedule. The building so far… Unlike in previous years, this house has not been built on the footprint of a demolished house. The family’s house was demolished, but they are able to reconstruct the house in a different location. When the… Read more »

Political tour of the Jordan Valley

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Today we worked on constructing a large tent for a Bedouin community in the Jordan Valley area of Ain Sultan. Prior to that we toured the Jordan Valley with one of ICAHD’s political tour guides, Chaska. The hot and harsh yet beautiful landscape hides extremely ugly human rights abuses in plain sight. The Jordan Valley… Read more »

Contradictions and complexities

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ICAHD’s 13th rebuilding camp is now underway and 20 volunteers from around the world have come together to help build a Palestinian family home that has been demolished. After our first few days of analysis and travelling around within Israel and Palestine, someone today described our rebuilding as being “a kind of therapy for everything… Read more »

A full days rebuilding

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Today we have spent the entire day building so have returned home to camp all happily covered in dust, sweat and cement. After collecting boulders from nearby rubble-sites, we started to lay the dry-stone walls, which will line the front of the land, under the guidance of master-craftsman Riad. We also built up internal partition… Read more »

ICAHD Rebuilding Camp 2015 – Day 2

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Second full day of the ICAHD rebuilding camp. Went to OCHA, the UN coordinating center for humanitarian affairs, for a briefing on the Occupation – restrictions on movement, the situation in Gaza and the effect of the Israeli blockade, the economic closure and controls on movement in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and in general the… Read more »