Kerryas _Pax Israelianaa has failed. What next?

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How do we respond to Kerry? I donat know of anyone familiar with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict _ across the board _ who sees in the Kerry initiative anything other than an attempt to impose on the Palestinians a Pax Israeliana. In fact, neither Kerry nor his Israeli partners bother to deny it. For his part,… Read more »

Thoughts by Jeff Halper following travels in Europe

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Jeff Halper, Director of ICAHD, has travelled since the new year to Norway, Finland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. He summarises impressions and thoughts from his encounters below. There is clearly something moving in Europe regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Public opinion throughout the Continent, always wavering between guilt over the Holocaust and a strong commitment to… Read more »

Roots of Resistance: We All Have a Responsibility to Turn Resistance into Liberation

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In the article below, published yesterday on Mondoweiss website, Jeff Halper, co-founder and Director of ICAHD, outlines how in the First Intifada the Palestinians showed the world the oppression they were living under at Israeli hands; and now, he says, to build on that legacy, it is us, the powerful populations of the North, who… Read more »

Another Gain for Perseverance: The UN Vote……

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…..recognizing Palestine. Here follow thoughts from Jeff Halper on the recent huge majority vote by the UN General Assembly to give Palestine status as a “non-member observer state”. Another Gain for Perseverance: The UN Vote recognizing Palestine. And Yet… Thoughts from Jeff Halper On one level, the General Assemblyas overwhelming vote to recognize the state… Read more »

Whose right to self-defence, Mr Hague? A timeline of the acts provoking escalation of conflict

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Yesterday, Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who had accused of war crimes the perpetrators of a rocket attack from Gaza which had killed three Israelis some days earlier, announced with satisfaction that 1,000 “targets” of the “infrastructure of terrorism” in Gaza had been hit by the Israeli airforce. Earlier the same day, an Israeli munition killed… Read more »

In the Name of Justice: Key Issues Around a Single State

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In the Name of Justice: ICAHD Raises Key Issues Around a Single State as a Step Towards Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Over the past 15 years, ICAHD has actively resisted the Israeli Occupation. For almost that long we have argued that the two-state solution is dead and gone, based on our intimate knowledge both of… Read more »

‘Way Beyond Apartheid’

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At ICAHD UK’s conference on Saturday and in an interview in this week’s New Internationalist by Frank Barat, Coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Jeff Halper has stated that ‘Israel’s gone way beyond apartheid’. The ICAHD Director suggests that Palestinians have reached such a point of despair that Israel have won their sought after… Read more »


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Letas say it clearly and categorically: the two-state solution is dead. If the possibility ever genuinely existed _ a subject historians are welcome to debate _ it is gone as a political option. We should even stop talking about it because constant reference to an irrelevant _solution_ only confuses the discussion. How do we get… Read more »

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine

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The Russell Tribunal is what happens when governments abrogate their responsibilities towards their own citizens and peoples under their control. States (plus the UN) are obligated to enforce international law and human rights conventions. When they donat, as in their failure to apply the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of… Read more »