Kerry’s Pax Israelianaa has failed. What next?

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How do we respond to Kerry? I donat know of anyone familiar with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict _ across the board _ who sees in the Kerry initiative anything other than an attempt to impose on the Palestinians a Pax Israeliana. In fact, neither Kerry nor his Israeli partners bother to deny it. For his part,… Read more »

Roots of Resistance: We All Have a Responsibility to Turn Resistance into Liberation

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In the article below, published yesterday on Mondoweiss website, Jeff Halper, co-founder and Director of ICAHD, outlines how in the First Intifada the Palestinians showed the world the oppression they were living under at Israeli hands; and now, he says, to build on that legacy, it is us, the powerful populations of the North, who… Read more »

Another Gain for Perseverance: The UN Vote……

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…..recognizing Palestine. Here follow thoughts from Jeff Halper on the recent huge majority vote by the UN General Assembly to give Palestine status as a “non-member observer state”. Another Gain for Perseverance: The UN Vote recognizing Palestine. And Yet… Thoughts from Jeff Halper On one level, the General Assemblyas overwhelming vote to recognize the state… Read more »

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine

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The Russell Tribunal is what happens when governments abrogate their responsibilities towards their own citizens and peoples under their control. States (plus the UN) are obligated to enforce international law and human rights conventions. When they donat, as in their failure to apply the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of… Read more »


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The demonstrations currently roiling Israel constitute a grassroots challenge to Israelas neo-liberal regime. Beginning as an uprising of the middle classes _ especially young people who have trouble finding affordable housing _ it has spread to the working class, the poor and the Arab communities as well, though not the religious as yet. Many of… Read more »


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The reconvening of the UN in late September and the possible recognition of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders may be a crucial political moment in the struggle for Palestinian liberation _ or not. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has characterized it as a looming _diplomatic tsunami_ for Israel; Ali Abunimah, a prominent Palestinian-American… Read more »


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Last Fridayas vote in the UN in which the US refused to follow the other 14 members of the Security Council in condemning Israelas ongoing settlement project _ including, it should be noted, such traditionally pro-Israel stalwarts as Britain, France and even Germany and India (for whom Israel is the no. 2 supplier of arms,… Read more »

Palestine 2011, by Jeff Halper

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Struggling as I have for the past decades to grasp the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and find ways to get out of this interminable and absolutely superfluous conflict, I have been two-thirds successful. After many years of activism and analysis, I think I have put my finger on the first third of the equation:… Read more »

The Second Battle of Gaza: Israelas undermining of international law

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This article by the ICAHD Director makes vital reading. It lays out the well documented framework devised by Israel’s legal and ethical policymakers for waging “asymmetrical” war, i.e. war by a powerful state against “non-state” dissenting forces. He also shows how Israel desires to change accepted concepts of “just war” in international humanitarian law by… Read more »


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OK, so the Palestinian Authority will not unilaterally declare an independent Palestinian state. In fact, the whole issue seems a misunderstanding. Concerned that the US has backtracked on a two state solution based on the 1967 borders and that Israel was getting the world used to the _fact_ that the settlements and the Wall, rather… Read more »