Israel’s Jewish Problem

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Jeff Halper (20 April 2009)   A funny thing happened to me on my way to synagogue in Sydney; my scheduled talk got cancelled. The uproar caused by the prospect of my speaking to the Jewish community in Australia is truly startling to an Israeli. Granted, I am very critical of Israel’s policies of Occupation… Read more »

It’s the Occupation, Stupid

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By Jeff Halper The Israeli reaction to the International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion regarding the legality of the Wall (or “Separation Barrier”) was as predictable as the verdict: absolute denial of both the saliency of the judgment itself and of the ICJ’s fundamental authority to even pronounce an opinion at all. The verdict was… Read more »

No Partner for Peace: Our American Problem

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By Jeff Halper (4 November 2009) It was as if some official, perhaps one of President Obama’s “czars,” like the Czar for Demolishing American Credibility, had orchestrated a systematic campaign to isolate the US from the rest of the world, make it a political laughing-stock and, finally, render it a second-rate power capable of throwing… Read more »

Paralysis over Palestine – Questions of Strategy

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Jeff Halper The claim that we in Palestine/Israel find ourselves in a historical moment, at a “fateful crossroads,” sounds like a worn cliché. How many historical moments have we entered and passed through, seeming without fateful consequences, in the past century and more? The illusion that nothing is final, that the occasional “crises” in the… Read more »

Enter Trump – Where Do We Go From Here?

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Jeff Halper – 3 Jan 2017 Perhaps the main losers of the American election, besides Donald Trump’s own voters, are the Palestinians. Meaning, of course, that the Israelis are among the big winners. Trump, who supported Netanyahu actively in the 2013 Israeli election, has already invited him to meet “at the first opportunity.” His advisor… Read more »

End of an Odyssey

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Jeff Halper September 1, 2008 Now, a few days after my release from jail in the wake of my trip to Gaza , I’m posting a few notes to sum things up. First, the mission of the Free Gaza Movement to break the Israeli siege proved a success beyond all expectations. Our reaching Gaza and… Read more »

Elements of Peace

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CIVIL SOCIETY AS WATCHDOG IN THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN NEGOTIATIONS   By Jeff Halper (3 September 2010)   Civil society is a blunt instrument. As “public opinion” we form a vague background to government decision-making and as voters we have a broad – but only broad – effect on who is in power and what policies are… Read more »

Elections in Palestine and Israel – Sumud vs Apartheid

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By Jeff Halper Published in The New Internationalist (April 2006) This is, as they say, the crunch. This is the political moment all Israeli governments – all of them, Labour, Likud and ‘National Unity’ – have been working towards the past four decades of Occupation: the final push for an expanded Israel, the permanent foreclosure… Read more »

E-1 Plan – The End of a Viable Palestinian State

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The fatal flaw in most analyses of the Israel-Palestine conflict is the assumption that if the Palestinians can just get a state of their own, then all will be fine. A state on all the Occupied Territories (UN Resolution 242), on most of the Occupied Territories (Oslo and the Road Map to the Geneva Initiative),… Read more »