Lois Griffiths reflects on the ongoing Nakba

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Photo: Roy Milani – Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem Today, there are over 7.3 million Palestinian refugees and half a million Internationally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Palestinians are the largest and longest standing displaced population in the world.  Due to Israeli government policies Palestinians continue to be displaced from their homes, therefore the Nakba continues. INSIST that… Read more »

Judaizing Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem with backing from Americans

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by Jeff Halper (March 31, 2012) Natche family home under threat of eviction by settlers, Beit Hanina. (Photo: Michael Salisbury) Driving Palestinians out of their homes in “east” Jerusalem is, as you can imagine, a dirty business. But its not terribly difficult. The Palestinians are a vulnerable population, poor (70% subsist on less than $2… Read more »

In the Name of Justice: Key Issues around a Single State

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By Jeff Halper and Itay Epshtain Publication date: Thursday, September 13, 2012   Over the past 15 years, ICAHD has actively resisted the Israeli Occupation. For almost that long we have argued that the two-state solution is dead and gone, based on our intimate knowledge both of Israeli politics and the massive “facts” that Israel has… Read more »

ICAHD Press Release: Israeli Supreme Court Seeks Participation for Palestinians in Area C Planning

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Jerusalem, April 28th 2014   The Supreme Court gave an interim decision today in response to an appeal brought by Rabbis For Human Rights, ICAHD, JLAC, St. Yves and the Palestinian village of Ad-Dirat-Al-Rfai’ya requesting that planning authority be returned to Palestinians living in Area C, the 62% of the West Bank under full Israeli… Read more »

How Israel Undermines International Law Through “Lawfare”

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by Jeff Halper (18 August 2014)   Operation Protective Edge was not merely a military assault on a primarily civilian population. As in its previous “operations” (Cast Lead in 2008-9 and Pillar of Defense in 2012), it was also part of an ongoing assault on international humanitarian law (IHL) by a highly coordinated team of… Read more »

Israel’s ‘generous Offer’ Was Not Really All That Generous Sharon has worked tirelessly and openly for a “cantonized” Palestinian entity for the past quarter century, always rejecting the notion of a viable Palestinian state.

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By Jeff Halper Published on 3/15/2005 In peace-making, as in law, business and other areas of life, the devil is in the details. The crux of the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is not over a Palestinian a state. The “quartet” of the Middle East Road Map — Europe, Russia, the U.N. and even… Read more »

Israel as an Extension of American Empire

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  Jeff Halper (28 Spetember 2005) There are many tragic and self-destructive features of the Occupation for Israel itself. Although the country was founded on the “original sin” of exclusivity and the expulsion of the refugees, it nevertheless had (has?) the potential to develop into a normal, even progressive society. Many of the socialist principles… Read more »

Israeli Unilateralism

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Jeff Halper (24 March 2004)   With the killing of Sheikh Yassin, Israel has altered the very nature of the Middle East conflict. It has done what even certain “sane” military and right-wing elements in Israel have warned against: transforming a political conflict with the Palestinians into a war between the Israeli and Palestinians peoples…. Read more »