ICAHD UK Webinar – 12 August 2020: Demolitions within Israel and the Impact on Women and Children

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Within the state of Israel, communities in the Naqab (Negev) desert and the Galilee that are not officially recognized by Israel are termed unrecognized villages and as a result, they do not benefit from state support for basic services and infrastructure such as roads, water, electricity, schools and health clinics. Of the approximate 200,000 Bedouins in Israel, more… Read more »

Postcard Campaign to NSPCC

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This campaign has now finished but 3,000 postcards were sent to the NSPCC ICAHD UK is supporting a campaign initiative taken by Protecting Palestinian Families, an offshoot of Stop the Demolitions, to stop the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) from taking money from JCB, the British company that… Read more »

Peter Beinart Doesn’t Go Far Enough – Jeff Halper, 13 July 2020

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Israeli and Palestinian flags (illustrative).Credit: © Tonygers | Dreamstime.com   ICAHD’s Jeff Halper has had an opinion piece published in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, in response to the brouhaha generated by Peter Beinart’s two articles: “Yavne: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine,” published in Jewish Currents, and “I No Longer Believe in a Jewish… Read more »

Forthcoming Webinars

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Watch our past webinars here. ICAHD UK Webinar with Partner Organisations Details to follow

June 2020 Demolition and Displacement Report

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Demolitions & Displacement in the occupied West Bank (including occupied East Jerusalem) and within the state of Israel June 2020 Report 1 June 2020 2 June 2020 3 June 2020 4 June 2020 8 June 2020 9 June 2020 10 June 2020 11 June 2020 15 June 2020 16 June 2020 18 June 2020 23… Read more »

View the ICAHD UK Webinar: End Home Demolitions in the West Bank – 22 July 2020

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Wednesday, 22 July 5 – 6.15pm (UK)  7-8.15pm (Jerusalem)   Demolitions have spiked in recent weeks and it is important to understand what it behind Israel’s demolition policy which has resulted in around 55,000 Palestinian homes and structures vital for living being demolitions in the Occupied Palestine Territory of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and… Read more »

Lobby letter concerning recent Spike in Demolitions

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Please use our sample letter below or adapt it. You can find your MP here Dear ….. (MP) I am very concerned about the widespread demolition of Palestinian houses and other structures vital for living by Israeli forces in the Occupied Palestinian areas of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. I should be most grateful… Read more »

The Dangers of the Security State

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A lot of attention has been directed recently at the “training” American police receive from Israel. Its extensive and pervasive. A lot of the violent and militarized police culture we see has either been generated by Israeli tactics and weaponry – or has been reinforced by it (American police forces being violent well before Israel)…. Read more »