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Photo: Anadolu Agency. Israel’s war cabinet – 10 June 2024


Jeff Halper was interviewed by Salaamedia, a Muslim radio station in South Africa, on 19th June, soon after Netanyahu disbanded Israel’s war cabinet. Jeff stated that despite Gantz and Eisenkot leaving the cabinet which led to Netanyahu disbanding it, Israel believes that it has obtained its objectives in Gaza.

Despite not securing the release of all the Israeli hostages, it has assaulted and destroyed Gaza; invaded Rafah which was supposed to be the “red line” not to be crossed; defied the ICJ despite its ruling on plausible genocide in Gaza; and defied the ICC and the UN Security Council. Israel has not been sanctioned and continues to get US weapons.

Gantz now has his eyes on Hezbollah in Lebanon and says that Beirut should look like Gaza so that is where he wants to go next.

Israeli settlements are growing as it confiscates more land in Area C of the West Bank and it continues to seek normalization with the Gulf States.