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In Jeff Halper’s June video update, he speaks about Israel’s rescue of the hostages that happened on 8th June and the nature of what is going on in Gaza.

Jeff explains that under international law, it is illegal to hold civilian captives however under the laws of war, it is permitted to hold soldiers.  Attention is not given to the hundreds of Palestinians, including children, that Israel is holding hostage under administrative detention without charge.

The rescue of the four Israeli hostages was planned months in advance and within Israel is portrayed as a historic event. Israel knew that Hamas would not expect an attack in the middle of the day within a busy market in the middle of a crowded refugee camp. Israel knew that there would be massive destruction and that Palestinian civilians would be killed and injured in the process. However, this operation was a war crime and should be recognized as such.

Historically, Israel itself created conditions in Gaza where Palestinians would have to resist but now Gazans are conflicted about whether the Hamas resistance is worth the price that they are having to pay. The choice is to resist permanent apartheid, oppression and genocide or preserving your family, home and community.

We must understand that genocide is built into any settler colonial agenda. Israel has long de-humanized the Palestinians and criminalizes their resistance. Therefore, we must explain the logic of Palestinian resistance.