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CD of "The Perfect City" by Martin Coslett

The Perfect City is a musical by Martin Coslett and Ross Clark, based on William Penn, the 17th-century London aristocrat and Quaker idealist who leaves his repressive home country behind to construct a utopian city in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Act one

  1. Opening/Come to the Ball (Ensemble)
  2. Simple Lives (William, Guli)
  3. Salmon Sermon (George Fox, spoken)
  4. The Inner Light (George Fox)
  5. Simple Lives Reprise (William, Guli, Friends)
  6. You Are Not My Son (Admiral)/No Toleration (Mob)
  7. The Spice Of My Life (Ford, Bridget)
  8. The Perfect City: In Jail (William, Guli)
  9. The Promise Of A Lifetime/Raging Sea (Guli, Admiral)
  10. The Spice Of My Life Reprise (Ford, Bridget)
  11. The Promise Of A Lifetime 2 (Guli, Admiral, William)
  12. Happy Healthy and Wealthy – The Wedding
  13. The Perfect City Reprise: At Home (William, Guli, Algy, Anthony)
  14. Selling Off The Land (William, Ford)
  15. Welcome To My World (William)
  16. What's Good Enough For Me (Algernon)
  17. I Am Your Wife (Guli)
  18. Save Our World For You (William, Guli, Ensemble)

Act two

  1. Friends And Foreigners (William, Anthony, Ensemble)
  2. Why? (Mary)
  3. Honest Gentleman (Settlers, Baltimore)
  4. Ever Yours (William, Guli)
  5. Anthony's Song/Set them Free (Anthony, William, Ensemble)
  6. My Mary (Anthony)
  7. A City Called Heaven (Ensemble)

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