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Bids will be taken on the following lots during the Benefit Conference. Bids may be placed in advance by clicking on the 'bid' link next to the item you are interested in - the highest bid to date is shown next to the bid button.

Details of lots may be found via the 'details' link - this will open in a new window.



Highest Bid /

Lots 7A and 7B

Signed copies of 'Zionism during the Holocaust: the Weaponisation of Memory in the Service of State and Narion' (2 copies)



Lot 9

"The Crooked Spire" - a medieval murder mystery musical - Martin Coslett



Lot 10

Bundle of books from New Beacon bookshop.



Lot 11

Palestine cap by 'City Hunter'



Lot 12

2 Meals at Cafe Palestina. 3 courses of Palestinian food and mint tea.