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The State of Israel vs The Jews

Robert Herbst, Co-Chair of ICAHD USA, interviews author Sylvain Cype

Sylvain Cypel's "The State of Israel vs. The Jews" shows how bereft of human decency Israelis have become in their treatment of Palestinians, and how much Jewish moral patrimony has been given up in creating, supporting, and tolerating a Jewish State.". Read Robert Herbst review of the book in Mondonweiss here.

Co-sponsored by the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace

15 February 2022

Watch a recording of this webinar here.

Palestine / Israel: Strategies and Actions for a Just Peace

with Leia Farsakh and Jeff Halper

Organised by the Peace and Social Justice Committee of Friends Meeting at Cambridge and Quakers Advocating Justice in Palestine (

Co-sponsored by the Israel-Palestine Working Group of New England Yearly Meeting (Quaker).

14 February 2022

Watch this webinar on YouTube here

Is Zionism Settler Colonialism? Why does it Matter?

With Dr Arnon Degani, Dr Jeff Halper and Dr Elliot Ratzman

22 January 2022

View details - Watch a recording of this webinar here

The Two-State Solution is Dead - Now What?

Non-Violence International Webinar
With Jonathan Kuttab, Jeff Halper and Noura Erakat

13 January 2022

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Christian Zionism: What Is It, How Does it Impact on the Palestinian Question, and How Do We Combat It?

With Jonathan Kuttab, Dr Don Wagner, Rev Dr Stephen Sizer & Linda Ramsden

7 November 2021

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