Posted on May 3, 2023, by & filed under Genocide, News.

With Benjamin Netanyahu returning to the office of Prime Minister he has handed over the fate of the Palestinians to murderous settlers dedicated to driving them out of the Land of Israel, taking their lands – and not hesitating for a second to kill as many as necessary in the process. In addition, the Israeli armed forces under Israel’s brutal military occupation, have heavy presence throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem and with Gaza remaining under siege. Arrests of adults and children, closures and checkpoints, demolitions of homes and structures vital for living are all used to crush Palestinian resistance in the hope that the Palestinians will give up and move away, freeing more land for the Israeli settler colonial population to move in and annex more land.

For background information listen to Jeff Halper’s April update and read his article 'The Zionist Cossacks Have Been Released on the Palestinians'