Monthly Updates on the Situation on the Ground in Palestine/Israel from Jeff Halper – May 2023 – The Nakba

May 2023 - The Nakba

Jeff Halper, the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) introduces the historical and geo-political context for the Nakba.

Watch this 13 minute update here

April 2023

The first of our monthly series of recorded messages from Jeff Halper has been launched and each recording will provide an update about what is happening on the ground in Palestine/Israel.

This month Jeff speaks about the push of international right-wing organisations to change the face of democracy in the world, with Netanyahu and his group leaders in this effort. However, Netanyahu’s agenda has fractured Israeli society and coming to the surface are questions about how Israel can be a democracy with an occupation and apartheid policies. Jeff goes on to speak about the heighten repression of the Palestinians during Ramadan and again calls for the UN to provide protective presence for the Palestinians.

View the 14-minute recording and follow his encouragement to support ICAHD and join us in the struggle

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