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2022 has been the year that has driven the Palestinian struggle for liberation and self-determination to the precipice, particularly with the election of a fascist Netanyahu/Ben Gvir/Smotrich government hell bent on settling all of Palestine and violently repressing any Palestinian resistance.

In their reports, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B’tselem, the UN’s Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Territory and others have documented an already-existing regime of apartheid imposed by Israel over all of historic Palestine. They have given us the legal grounds to shift the discussion from conflict resolution (the “two-state solution”) to the struggle against Israeli apartheid, and in doing so they have both clarified the issue before us and given our activities political direction.

But apartheid is only part of the story. As long as Israel is allowed to remain a “Jewish” state with it continuing to confiscate more Palestinian land and controlling the indiginous population, the structures of apartheid cannot be dismantled. When we include the Palestinian refugees, Israeli Jews represent only a third of the country’s population; that puts Israeli Jews in the minority. Therefore apartheid cannot be ended unless Israel's settler colonial regime is decolonized and an inclusive democracy is established.

ICAHD has, for the past 25 years, been a leading critical voice in advocating for a just resolution of the Israeli-Palestine “Conflict.” Over the past five years we have partnered with the Palestinian-led One Democratic State Campaign in providing a vision by forging a 10-point political programme for a single democracy over historic Palestine – the only way Israel can be decolonized and the Palestinians genuinely empowered to pursue their national life as a people reunited in their historic homeland. ICAHD has not only produced position papers, articles, books and informational materials on the one-state program, but we have been a clarion voice in advocating for it through international speaking tours, webinars and study tours to Palestine/Israel. All this while keeping a focus on ICAHD’s core issue of house demolitions – 2022 saw a spike in demolitions and now with expected mass transfers of Palestinian communities out of their lands, as in Masafer Yatta. We continue to resist Israeli colonisation on the ground with our Palestinian and Israeli partners, as well as conducting critical tours for decision-makers, journalists and activists from abroad.

ICAHD UK is a vital part ICAHD’s organization. We give the anti-Zionist ICAHD voice in the UK, both in advocating for its positions and bringing ICAHD speakers to UK audiences; we contribute the ICAHD analysis when mounting campaigns with our UK partners (such as the campaign against British-made JCB bulldozers used in the demolition of Palestinian homes); and we play a major role in the UK in supporting the struggle for Palestinian rights,

For all that, as a cutting-edge grassroots political organisation (and not a charity), ICAHD UK is currently experiencing a difficult financial situation. We lack the funds needed for our campaigns and our team. Since we work from our homes, we do not have high overheads. Our budget for 2022 was £34,500.  Within that we have conducted innovative webinars and focused political campaigns, produced new resources, exhibited at the Greenbelt festival, and prepared new hardcopy resources. We hosted a UK speaking tour for Jeff Halper, ICAHD’s Director from Jerusalem. In addition, we have prepared monthly Demolition and Displacement reports, dispatched newsletters and bulletins and kept the ICAHD website updated which attracts more than 1,800 visitors per day. Therefore, we continue to punch way above our weight.

We appeal to you now to help us remain on the cutting edge. Donate to ICAHD UK. If you’re already a member, please

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We must not give up! With Israel’s new blatantly racist and supremacist government, this is the time to heighten our efforts to protect the Palestinians. The time for justice is long overdue.