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Part of the team that was on the ICAHD UK stall at the Greenbelt festival in August.

Jeff Halper, ICAHD’s Director, spent nearly three weeks in the UK on his first tour back here since the coronavirus pandemic stopped international travel and large gatherings. His programme facilitated the opportunity for Jeff to speak to many hundreds of people at the Greenbelt festival at Kettering, Northamptonshire, followed by meetings in Manchester, Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh, Leeds, Hebden Bridge and London.

Jeff updated audiences about Israel’s ongoing demolition of Palestinian homes, confiscation of land and settler growth, which are all part of Israel’s settler colonial programme, and he presented a vision for the future. He explained why the "two-state solution" is a non-starter for resolving today’s reality because the settler colonial aims of Zionism and the apartheid regime it has imposed on all of historic Palestine, means that the establishment of a single, inclusive democratic state is the only way to decolonize Israel, liberate Palestinians and forge a new political community. Jeff referred to the work of the One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC), of which he is a founder member, and he described what this new state and society could look like. Focus was included on the strategy and organization needed to achieve this just and workable resolution.

In addition to the public meetings, Jeff also met with several NGOs, small groups of students, activists, and a couple of journalists and filmmakers. It was a productive visit which also raised the profile of ICAHD UK and its campaigns.

A few hundred people attended each of Jeff’s Greenbelt seminars

Jeff signed copies of his books – here he sells to playwright and actor, Justin Butcher.

The new ICAHD UK flag flew outside our stall at the Greenbelt festival in Kettering

Our NSPCC banner drew much attention enabling us to inform punters of our campaigns.

While in London, a public meeting was held at SOAS, the University of London’s world's leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The meeting was also sponsored by the Jewish Network for Palestine (JNP) and additional speakers included Ghada Karmi and Haim Bresheeth.

Watch a recording of this meeting here

The segment of Jeff’s public meeting in Manchester is found here.