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Friday, 29th July from 7am - Demonstrate at entrance to JCB’s Legends Golf Tournament, Rocester

ICAHD UK calls upon its supporters to join the demonstration at JCB’s Legends Golf Tournament to raise awareness of JCB’s complicity in Israel’s war crimes amongst the attending public, the local community, JCB owners and staff, and the golfers participating in the tournament.

Gather with campaigners at the entrance to the JCB Golf and Country Club, Rocester, ST14 5HY, on Friday, 29th July, from 7am when the tournament begins. Note that for those coming by rail, Uttoxeter is the closest train station.

Since February 2020, ICAHD UK has campaigned for JCB to instruct its Israeli agent, Comasco, that its machines are not to be used in the demolition of Palestinian property which are violations of the 4th Geneva Convention and since then has collaborated with a small coalition steered by Protecting Palestinian Families (PPF). In recent months ICAHD UK has begun working with Amnesty, War on Want, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Amos Trust as this campaign intensifies.

During the golf tournament, JCB will seek to raise £1 million with proceeds going to the NSPCC’s Platinum Jubilee Appeal. Therefore, JCB and the NSPCC remain complicit in what is happening to Palestinian children despite their comments about how the lives of all children matter.

With ICAHD’s focus on home demolitions, it is important that we have good representation at the golf tournament. The major demonstration will happen on Friday, the 29th, but demonstrators are also welcome on the 30th and 31st. Help raise ICAHD UK’s profile with posters and flags and hand out specially prepared flyers.

Express your solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially those who have had their home demolished and with those threatened with demolition and displacement as is currently happening with the people from Masafer Yatta in the South Hebron Hills and in the Jordan Valley, locations where JCB equipment is frequently used.

If possible, let us know of your participation in advance by emailing

For more information about our JCB and NSPCC campaigns go to our website.