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What does it mean for Jewish Israelis who oppose Israel’s injustice towards the Palestinian people and want to provide protective presence for them out in the field? We heard from two representatives of Torat Tzedek – Torah of Justice who know what it is to stand with Palestinians even if it means being labelled as enemies of the state and experiencing being injured by Jewish settlers when defending Palestinians in their homes and on their land. Learn about what motivates our speakers and find out if space closing even for Israeli dissidents to demonstrate their commitment to the right of all people to live in freedom and with dignity. How far are they prepared to go to stand up for what they believe in?

Rabbi Arik Ascherman has led Israeli human rights organizations for over 26 years, is executive director of Torat Tzedek-Torah of Justice and the former director of Rabbis for Human Rights.

Guy Hirschfield, field coordinator for the Jordan Valley Shepherd Community Protection Group, with responsibility for protecting the shepherding community in the Jordan Valley. Guy is also involved in a separate project, Looking The Occupation in the Eyes, that attempts to bring the reality of the Occupation to non-activist Israelis living in Tel Aviv.