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Saturday 23 April 2022

ICAHD UK’s 2022 annual conference was held online, enabling more people to attend it whether from the UK or globally and facilitating greater participation by Palestinians on the ground.

Palestinians spoke from Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, the South Hebron Hills and from within the state of Israel as they described demolitions in their area, local resistance and the struggle for them to remain in their homes.

Other speakers provided updates of our campaigns including British-made JCB bulldozers, a company that sells its machines then used to demolish Palestinian homes. Palestinians will speak about actions of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and its subsidiaries which aggressively seek to cleanse the indigenous population from their homes and land.

The conference included news of the impact following the release of the Amnesty report on Israel’s apartheid policies and ICAHD’s Jeff Halper addressed how demolitions and displacement are at the core of Israel’s settler colonial policy.

Watch recordings of each of our speakers via the links below:

Manal Shqair, International Advocacy Officer Stop the Wall and the International Outreach Coordinator of the Land Defense Coalition

Demolitions in East Jerusalem

Watch recording here

Rashed Khudairy, Co-ordinator Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign, member of the Popular Resistance Committee in the West Bank and farmer

Demolitions in the Jordan Valley

Watch recording here

Sami Hureini,

Coordinator of Youth of Sumud, board member of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and a human rights defender who has been incarcerated in an Israeli jail because of his activism

Demolitions in the South Hebron Hills

Watch recording here

Yoad Ghanadry-Hakim

Clinical psychologist and certified supervisor at Palestine Counselling Centre, founder member and board member of the Palestinian Global Mental Health network

Trauma from home demolitions

Watch recording here

Umar al-Ghubari

Zochrot’s group counsellor and political educator

Demolitions and discrimination within the state of Israel and the ongoing work of the JNF

Watch recording here

Saleh Hijazi

Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director of the Middle East and North Africa region

The Amnesty report on Apartheid

Watch recording here

Jeff Halper

Head of ICAHD

Demolition and displacement at the core of Israel's ongoing settler colonial policy

Watch recording here

Richard Falk

Professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and former UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the OPT

Professor Falk gives an assessment on the current apartheid situation in Palestine / Israel

Watch recording here