Watch a Recording and View Transcript of ICAHD UK Webinar – Israeli Dissident Voices: Breaking Away from Zionism (22 September 2021)

Dissident Israelis were in conversation with each other as they discussed their journey of moving away from Zionism. They covered what it has been like to counter Israel’s rhetoric, how this impacted on their lives including with their family and friends. Learn about why some Israelis leave, preferring to live in exile. Hear about their vision for an inclusive democratic state to be established in historic Palestine as the only sustainable way for the future.



Livnat Konopny Decleve – Israeli PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University, Israel

Ilan Pappe – Israeli historian, author, director of the European Centre of Palestine Studies, University of Exeter, UK

Jeff Halper – Israeli anthropologist, author, director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions


All three speakers are members of the One Democratic State Campaign

Unfortunately, the recording of this webinar was of poor quality - it may be viewed here

A transcript of the webinar may be downloaded here


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